A discussion on the evolution of the internet

This answer should be coherent, in-depth and thoughtful. Can the school adopt a science textbook that covers this? Online Discussion Guidelines 1 Create an original post that answers the question in the topic. All Internet users, even those of you who just signed up for Web-TV or AOL last week and are still fumbling around, should check out this site.

Access to the Internet today by individuals, businesses, and institutions alike has created a global market for Internet service and has spurned an increase in productivity in the technological communication field. How can teachers avoid confrontation or anxiety about the subject?

What should happen to schools that do not follow the standards? What does this mean? Could they choose to teach creation science instead?

Do these textbooks exist and would it be breaking the law to adopt a creationist textbook within a school district. Very informative and quite amusing at times too! Your teacher may assign your group topic questions to discuss from the following list.

Why does biology have to include evolution at all? When you jump into this online story, make sure you have a couple of hours free.

Class Discussion on Evolution

Conclusion The evolution of information technology reached a turning point with the development of the Internet. We all need it. We all want it. But how did it happen in the first place? This is a hypertext It is written as a kind of mosaic rather than as a straight narrative, including email questions and answers, fragments of interviews, and the like.

Is evolution an important standard for states to have in the curriculum. Can students learn about animals without talking about evolution? Through the course of its development, researchers began finding other uses for the network, and use of the technology spread worldwide.

Evolution is also called the "unifying theory of biology". It is a long essay but extremely interesting. Your answers should stay within the realm of the law. Would it be possible to teach evolution only as it relates to animals and not humans?

Gregory Gromov provides a The Roads and Crossroads of Internet History. Once a government project, the Internet was created for military purposes.

History of the Internet

Our research compares Internet development, access, and use in the United States and Russia. As we venture farther into the Information Age, the nature of life is evidence that future global development will undoubtedly depend on technological advances, particularly in communications.

The Australian National University. However, in the midst of the global rush to embrace the Internet, some concerns have been raised regarding personal, business, and government access, and the nature of information being transmitted across the information superhighway.

Should students be allowed to be exempt from this unit and have an alternate assignment instead? It takes that long to read. It focuses primarily on the Web and hypertext over the Internet. Meaningful and New Ideas: A critically acclaimed site for a comprehensive history of the Internet.

At any rate, the technological movement will continue to evolve, and since it is evident that a complete understanding of technology is unnecessary for its utilization, only those who lack access will be left behind. You also should experience what "hypertext" is and why this experience is more like exploring than reading Understanding the underlying reasons certain types of technologies are in use today plays an important part in the overall use of technology.Thus, through the over two decades of Internet activity, we have seen a steady evolution of organizational structures designed to support and facilitate an ever-increasing community working collaboratively on Internet issues.

Nov 20,  · The Internet's greatest value is the ability to learn from others. It was developed to share research among scientists and universities. What the internet has become is an all-out barrage of advertising, questionable content, misdirection and a complete disregard for privacy.

The Living Internet. Examines the history of the Internet, Web, Email, Usenet, and more, using an unique step-by-step approach. Short History of the Internet. First published in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction in. Conclusion. The evolution of information technology reached a turning point with the development of the Internet.

Once a government project, the Internet was created for military purposes.

Brief History of the Internet

More links pages: Pro-evolution or Anti-Creationism, Discussion, General Science and Evolution, RSS, Creationism, Miscellaneous, and Human Evolution.

Add a web site Enter the address and a one-line description of a web. A group project where students look at the legal issues surrounding evolution and address common questions about the teaching of evolution in public schools.

It is intended as a long group project and uses the internet for forums and research.

A discussion on the evolution of the internet
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